Darrell Turner Your Gateway to Successful Development

Do you need someone to connect you to the right people? 

Do you need hand-held, collaborative service to close a deal?

I can handle that, and more importantly, I can reduce that expensive gap that you’ve been trying to fill for years. It's the reason I started Turner Business Development. My business not only requires a unique set of skills, but also a deep understanding of industry relationships. 


It takes the right balance of dedication to your mission and the know-how to connect you to the best project for your organization. 

Chances are, you have all the right pieces in place. Committed staff, ongoing training programs, and an impeccable reputation. So, how is it that you are still missing out on proposals and projects?


I’ve come to realize that even the most reputable construction organizations understand they need help filling this gap. That’s where I come in. Through my contacts, relationships and industry knowledge, I assist my clients position themselves for qualified project opportunities with higher than average bid acquisition.


Over the last 40+ years, I’ve built solid relationships in all areas of the construction/development industry.

From land acquisition and architecture all the way through general contractors and checklists, my clients have depended on my expertise to keep them in the running for the best construction projects in SW Florida. Also, my clients appreciate the access I have to financial assistance on projects with 4 different lending sources.